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Updated: Mar 11, 2021

- 1st year of official Austria Wake Surf Series with 4 Stops in Austria:

1. Stop Ardagger

2,. Stop Velden

3. Stop Ybbs

4. Stop Kritzendorf


Ohana goes International

Evowake in Passau (CWSA Bronze Event)

GVA in Geneva Gold CWSA event


Lake Powell

Worlds 2015

Ardagger – Definitv Orange (CWSA Event),

Velden – Wasserskiclub Velden

Ybbs – SAWG

Wakesurfbase Kritzendorf (finals)

o Markus 1st Michael Bogner 2nd

Video AWSS 2015

Ohana Vienna goes International

with the scene growing and getting to know more people wakesurfing, we decided to attend these 2 International Events:

o Evowake in Passau (CWSA Bronze Event)

Markus Lahmer wins Am Skim and Surf, Seb Balland Outlaw

o GVA in Geneva Gold CWSA event - austria crew made its way to switzerland, Markus Lahmer won amateur skim and surf, seb balland outlaw skim and surf. Gold CWSA event

- The Highlight of the year, Markus qualified for Worlds in Amateur Skim and Surf and was invited to go to Parker in Arizona the World Wake Surf Championships by CWSA.

The Glidesoul crew went to train in Lake Powell with Dean Lavelle a week before worlds. Alena Pishchulina was so nice to invite Markus to join the girls for an epic week.

- CWSA World Wake Surf Championships by

Markus placed 2nd in Am Surf and 5th in Am Skim.

- Pros Winner that Year were 1. Flegel 2. Drew Danielo

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